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Oxford Monument Company
Welcomes Modestly Modern Technology

Avant-Garde Status

Bring The Best Moments Back With QR Technology

Display our innovative QR Signs at graveside or anywhere you would like to see your loved ones memories come to life. They are ideal for memorials sites such as church pews, school class rooms, break rooms, gymnasiums, on a favorite tree, swing, park, garden, pond, etc. Visitors can then explore an interactive tribute page dedicated to the life of your loved one. With a simple scan, your loved one's best memories will come to life right before their eyes. Tell precious stories via essay, photo, or video keeping their legacy alive and retrievable with the click of a button.

-Order plaque

-We design a webpage dedicated to your loved one. With the information provided we create a biography along with photos and videos to provide viewers with a personalized page of your loved one.

 -Proudly display your loved ones QR sign.  With our QR Technology, visitors will have the opportunity to access the page, explore their story, and share memories through the digital guest book.

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