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Green Forest

The Process

Initial Step

Call us to schedule an appointment. Our experts will meet with you at your home, at the cemetery or in our office to discuss your many memorial options including design, style, material, specific cemetery regulations and the memorial production process. 

Ideally, we like to meet at the cemetery of the stones final destination. For reasons such as the need for us to become familiar with the specifics of the cemetery rules and for you to have a clear understand in size and proportion. 


Once ordered, we create a formal rendering to show how your memorial will look once complete and to confirm the information on the memorial is accurate. We provide all renderings and permit work to the cemetery on your behalf to assure all selections meet the cemetery’s monument guidelines.

Our expert designers, engravers and sculptors create your memorial to the exact specifications on your approved rendering. 

Our Team Goes  To Work


We prepare the foundation and grounds if the cemetery does not do so, deliver and install the memorial personally. Our setters assure everything is level and the memorial is set perfectly to ensure a beautiful, lasting tribute.

Begin Your Online Tour of Stones

Once we have spoken and have an idea what you might be looking for, we send you endless online catalogs for you and your family to browse at your convenance.

We do offer transportation for elderly or disabled individuals who cannot physically drive to the ceme

Meet With Us

Prior to purchase we do require a meeting at the desired stone location.  Sizes, perspectives, colors, and shapes tend to change when you are actually standing in the cemetery looking where the stone will be placed.

*We do offer transportation to elderly and disabled customers.  As well as assistance navigating the actual cemetery.

The best way for us to assist you initially, is to call us.  Together we can determine where to start and what direction to take on your monument purchase journey.  


Please know that we at Oxford Monument take great pride in being kind. We understand that this is a very difficult time for you. We guarantee an understanding voice.

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