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Myrtle Mississippi is where I was made, and Myrtle Mississippi is where I have stayed. Saved by the Blood of Jesus and a Mountain of His Grace. Baptist, Southern that is. I believe life begins at conception. I am a proponent of guns and proper etiquette Indecision may or may not be one of my greatest struggles. I am in fact, a pleasant pessimist. 


When it comes to little girls, I birth the most beautiful. The secret might be in their nearly 17-year age difference, but I wouldn't recommend trying it.

Madison Lee is 24 years old. She has given the very best son-in-law, Adam. She is also teaching me how different life is as a boy mom. I love my two rowdy grandsons with my whole heart. 

Remi Beau is the surprise we didn't realize we couldn't live without. She is the epitome of girly girl and continually has the most joyful heart.  Always, always happy. 

A Registered Nurse by trade.  I left the medical profession seven years ago to stay home with Remi Beau.   It was then I decided to educate myself in and pursue the family business. 

Oxford Monument Company, is a fourth generation family-owned business.  We are excited to now serve North Mississippi. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is second to none. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service and working with our customers to create lasting memorials for their loved ones. As a modestly modern business, we make the majority of our sales online.  A service that has benefitted our customers by  to visit us in person to see our beautiful monuments and speak with our friendly staff.

My Story

Oxford Monuments family

My Story

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