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Updated: Feb 10

The marvel of marble
Cleaning Marble - Stella

I call her Stella.

The name, after all, does have origins in Italy. It means Star.

As soon as I met her, I couldn’t help but wonder just how many stars this timeless piece of marble had sat under.

The piece is neither actually named Stella or Star. But, I thought it suited her well. Advertisement

She always seemed to answer to it, just fine. Generally, without ever batting an eye. Stella was traded in the early 1900s from her residence in Italy to the vast domain of rolling foothills, magnolias, bradfords, honeysuckle, and kudzu of New Albany Mississippi. Some may call her a work of art, a natural beauty, a slave, or even a migrant but Stella’s beauty remains unprecedented. Her Marble stature no doubt one to withstand the miles, elements, and the years. Her restoration process was a beautiful success. A marble masterpiece that has truly come back to life!

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