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‘Lil Rosa Lee

My Grandmother, Rosa Lee Spencer Hargrove. Flat out the best cook this side of the Mississippi. The other side too, truth be known.

Think I’m one just another one of those southern girls crazy about her grandmothers cooking.

Nope, not it.

Everybody who has ever had so much as a slice of her cheese would vouch she was the best cook anywhere around.

Rosa Lee and Nazrie Hargrove’s little family consisted of Aunt Shirley and my Daddy.

Aunt Shirley asked if I’d go clean an old old stone at Candy Hill. She said the name on it is Rosa Lee Spencer.

I said, “Wait there was a Rosa Lee before there was a Rosa Lee?”

She then told me this lady was who my grandmother was named after.

She was named after her fathers first wife, who died tragically young. They never had children. After her death Mr Pat Gray married Mrs Sarah Elizabeth and they had a house full of boys so he was sure to give his baby girl one of the sweetest names he knew ‘Rosa Lee’.

If I’m not mistaken young Rosa’s picture hung in the old family home all their lives.

Today Mr Spencer and Mrs Spencer are buried just across from young little Rosa Lee.

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