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A Boy Dubbed Hub

A boy dubbed Hub.

Oh he was cute and ever so coy-

your all around American boy.

Always with boots on his feet and a contagious smile so sweet.

For a friend in need, he would walk a mile. In a group of folks, Hub was the one you hoped would stay around for a while.

The hope of a bright future with miles left to run.

Begging the question, why did you do this, why my dear son?

A family now forced to search for that sweet smile beneath the church yard sod. Yet to visit the cemetery with them one can’t help but recognize the power of a Mighty God.

For a Saviour was once buried leaving all whom believed in complete dismay. But hallelujah, the hope that was born when HE arose on the third day!

That, my friends, is the testimony of the entire Haynie family.

Through tremendous grief an entire family’s faith has been put on display. Closer than ever they persevere daily with an enormous void yet holding to a faith in Christ that even the darkest of days can’t destroy.

Watching a father, a sister, grandparents, friends, and all 16 cousins come together 7 months after Hub’s death to honor him took “special” to an entirely new level. I’ve never known it to take 20+ people to set a headstone but now I can tell you with great confidence those stones could not have been set had even one of those people not been there Sunday afternoon. They love hard and they love big.

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