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Rich In History

Forest Sunrays
My Grandfather carving 1949
Carter Alexander "Jack" Worley

I can't exactly give my grandfather "all" the credit for bringing gray granite (the stone that populates most of our present-day cemeteries) across America.  However, I would venture to say that he was right up there with Sears Roebuck and Iron Horses.



Sears Roebuck

Due to the possibility of potential customers having concerns regarding Oxford Monument being a mostly online company, let's begin with Sears Roebuck.  Long before towns had monument companies, Sears Roebuck was the go-to for headstones of any kind. In fact, they had a special catalog dedicated specifically to headstones.  Like anything else from the retail giant, one would simply place their catalog order and sears would deliver it. Their marketing campaign stated "Straight from the quarry to the cemetery."

Iron Horses

The limestone error ended with the civil war. Then came the marble brigade. If you haven't noticed, civil war memorials are rich in history and marble.  However as beautiful as marble may be it didn't take long for the strength and durability of granite was recognized. 


Granite became a big deal fast. Literally. Granite segments drilled out of the quarry are 3’wide, 3’ high, and 10’ tall weighing just over 20k pounds.


In the 1920’s it took teams of 20 horses and a flatbed steel trailer to move the rock down from the quarries. It wasn’t safe nor did it meet the demands.  Soon, railways were granted access to the quarries making it possible for the sell and use of granite to continue. Making "Iron Horses" the only mode of granite distribution for years. 







Fifteen years before the Ford F-150 came into existence my grandfather left his home of Elberton Georgia in the early 30's to help navigate Georgia Gray Granite across the Southeast and beyond. He made this venture in a T-Model Roundabout Carving countless stones for Universities, Churches, and Government Entities along the way.   

My (now late) Uncle, Cousin, and Nephews have kept the legacy alive with some of the industry's top monument businesses west and east of the Mississippi.



Oxford Monument Company offers a level of personalized service that is unparalleled.  True we operate online, but in doing so we have the time and capacity to vest fully and individually in our customers. 

Our ability to operate online is due to over 100 years my family has been in the industry.  We have relationships and an established rapport with each individual involved in the making of your family's stone.  With much of the craftsmanship being kept within the family.

We understand that during your time of loss, selecting a monument can be a challenging often overwhelming task. We are committed to simplifying the process for you. Our team will design your headstone and work with you to design your memorial. For Our goal is to deliver a quality product that surpasses your expectations and to provide a level of seamless service that is second to none.

Carving done by my Grandfather
The iconic Tiger Mascot still stands guard over the campus at Ouachita Baptist University. Carved in 1935 by B.F. Worley (uncle) and C.A. (grandfather) Worley
Bibles Carved iin New Albany MS by my Grandfather.

The Lord's Prayer 
Every letter hand carved by C.A. Worley

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